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5 Simple Steps To Make Your Rusted Iron Driveway Gates Look New


The right wrought iron driveway gates can make a huge difference to a property. Along with offering a huge amount of privacy and security, the gates will further make the establishment look more stylish and attractive. Based on the size, design and usage of his property, a owner can also consider installing the automatic driveway gates. However, the driveway gates need regular maintenance to resist harsh weather and climate.

Often the driveway gates are impacted by rust, and orange or red flakes after being exposed to moisture constantly. You can refinish the driveway gates to make these look fresh and stylish. But before applying the primer and glossy black paint to regain the lost look of the gates, you have to ensure that the rust stains are removed completely,
Steps to Refinish Rusted Driveway Gates

1. Remove the Rust: Before finishing the rusted gates, you have to remove the rust, The rust can be removed by scrubbing the gate with a steel brush. However, you have to apply heavy force to rub the rust from the metal thoroughly.

2. Make the Surface Smooth: Before starting the paint job, the surface needs to be smooth. So you have to create a smooth surface to apply the primer and paint. You can rub the gates thoroughly using a steel scouring or 80-grit sandpaper to make the surface smooth. Start by rubbing the pad or sandpaper between gate railings, and into tight crevices. Then the pad or sandpaper has to be run over the entire gate to prepare the surface for the paint job. After rubbing the gates with the pad or sandpaper, you have to wipe these using a rag to remove the loosened rust.

3. Remove the Rust Residue: Now you have to remove the remaining rust using steel wool or smaller abrasive pads. Driveway gates Before using the pads, you must observe the gates thoroughly to identify the area that needs rubbing. It is a good idea to start rubbing the pad into the corners and crevices of theĀ iron driveway gates. Once the remaining rust is removed, you have to use a towel to remove the rust residue from the surface of the gate.

4. Apply the Primer: You can make the paint job durable by using any of the quality alkyd-base primer paints available in the market. In comparison to conventional primers, the alkyd-base primer paints are considered to be more effective for priming iron gates. You also need to follow the instructions mentioned on the primer label to apply the primer properly. It is advisable to spray the primer on the gates immediately after cleaning the rust stains. After applying the primer, you must allow it sufficient time to dry.

5. Paint the Gate: Once the primer becomes dry, you have to apply a coat of exterior metal paint on the iron driveway gates. You can consider using a spray can to provide the metal paint a much smoother finishing. Allow the first coat of paint to dry. Once the paint becomes dry, observe the paint job to decide if the gates need a second coat. While applying the paint, you need to ensure that the hard to reach spots are not missed out to prevent the rust from returning.

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