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Pick Lottery Numbers That Win the Lottery & Increase Your Odds to Win


Is there really a strategy on how to win the lottery even when the odds are clearly stacked against you? The truth is yes there are different techniques on how to win the lottery that you can use to better your chances.

The overall odds of winning the lottery are approximately 1 in 176 million. The odds may not be favor but do not count yourself out because people do win the lottery. The good news is with a little planning and using the tips that I am going to give you on how to win the lottery might allow you to be one of the fortunate winners one day.

Who would a have guessed that a one dollar bill and playing the game smarter can forever change someone’s life? If you want to make your dollar bill go along way then it is wise to start implementing some of these strategies into your game playing.

How to Win the Lottery Tips

1. Lottery numbers are drawn randomly which creates a pattern that can be utilized to our advantage.

2. You will lose 95% of the time by playing a pattern that comes about 5% of the time.

3. When picking your numbers make sure that the odd and even numbers are evenly mixed. Matka Only about 3% of the time will you see odd and even numbers not mixed.

4. The best way to group your numbers is to have three odds and two evens or three evens and two odds. One of these two groups will be drawn 68% of the time.

5. Hardly will you ever see a set of high numbers or a set of low numbers drawn within a game. The way to figure out high and low numbers is to divide all the numbers within the game by 2, all the numbers below the middle point are the low numbers and all the numbers above the middle point are the high numbers.

6. The best group to have when mixing your number is to have three numbers that are low and two numbers that are high or three numbers that are high and two numbers that are low. 64% of the time one of these groups will be drawn.

7. Look over several of the past winning number to see if you can find a group of numbers that has not been played. An example of this is 8-17-21-44-52. Within this combination the 30’s group have not been played. With that being said you will be able to take into account of what groups to dismiss and what groups to focus more on.

8. Make a list of the last 5 games of all the numbers that were played and skipped since the last time that they were drawn. Write down the number of times that each skip happened. If there was no skip from zero to five then play the numbers that have not been played from that many games.

9. After you have picked your five lucky numbers, add them up and be sure that the overall total of your numbers is greater than 106 but less than 179. 70% of jackpots that have been won have fallen into this range.

10. About 42% of the time one number from the previous game will be drawn every other game.

11. If a number has not been drawn within 6 games, this number amounts to approximately half the winning numbers. Numbers that are not drawn within 10 games amount to approximately 2/3 of the winning numbers. Numbers that are not drawn within 13 games amount to approximately 3/4 of the winning numbers.

There is a good chance that a hot number will be drawn but you may want to also add in a least one cold number. It is nearly impossible to tell when a number will end a losing streak but you also do not want to go chasing a number unless it has been out for over 70 games.

If you apply these 11 tips on how to win the lottery you can increase your chances of winning. All it takes is a one dollar bill to win and if you win your life may never be the same. The moment that you win the lottery your life will be filled so many mixed emotions and when you finally do collect your reward you be able to live a life that you have always dreamed of having.


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